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20191 In Reston Rental Spotlight

Let's take a look at some of the best deals in the Northern Virginia rental market today. Photo of 2321 Duke of Bedford Ct {Summary}

Rentals in 20191

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How big are homes for rent in Fairfax County?

Tiny (1 to 600 sqft) 7 Active
Smaller (601 to 700 sqft) 11 Active
Small (701 to 1,100 sqft) 127 Active
Modest (1101 to 1,500 sqft) 231 Active
Mid-Sized (1501 to 2,000 sqft) 207 Active
Large (2001 to 2,500 sqft) 133 Active
Big (2501 to 3,000 sqft) 131 Active
Very Large (3001 to 4,000 sqft) 203 Active
Sprawling (4,001 sqft and up) 440 Active
[Or select your rental own criteria.]
Andy’s House of Lead is in the basement of a Fort Hunt area home. A few times a month friends gather here to play out historical (and fantasy) battles in miniature.
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