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ACPS To Hold Online Classes For Fall 2020

ACPS announced on July 31 that the Alexandria City Public Schools students will be attending classes entirely online for the start of the fall 2020 school year. Similar to neighboring school districts, ACPS’ Virtual Plus+ program will involve daily live instruction streamed via Zoom, virtual one-on-one, and group tutoring sessions, and some asynchronous learning opportunities.
A student participates in distance learning
According to, "ACPS teachers and staff have been largely supportive of the proposed plan, even as they acknowledged a desire to get back in the classroom. Unlike in the spring, teachers will take attendance, and students will receive grades and new learning materials in the fall. Several teachers said that the rushed transition to virtual learning in the spring and the summer learning experience has prepared them for the fall semester." As per, "In order for every ACPS student to have access to Canvas, ACPS’ learning management system of choice, and Zoom, which the district has been using since the spring, students will receive age-appropriate technology. Pre-K through first-grade students will be given tablets, while the school system’s one-to-one policy for Chromebooks will expand to include all students in second through 12th grade, according to Hutchings."

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