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2 Bedroom Duplex In Alexandria For $579,000

Photo of 5938 Monticello Rd 5938 Monticello Rd is located in Alexandria at Jefferson Manor. Ask Stuart Nesbitt to look at homes for you before showing them to you. Not every agent will have the time for this extra service, but in some instances, a Nesbitt Realty agent may have already viewed homes this and other homes that meet your needs. Pro Tip: find a buyer's agent like Stuart Nesbitt who is a full-time expert on real estate in 22303 in Alexandria. Continue reading "2 Bedroom Duplex In Alexandria For $579,000"
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2703 Farnsworth Dr, Alexandria VA 22303 For Sale

How Much Do Choice Residences Cost At Jefferson Manor in 22303?

Should you make an offer purchase 2703 Farnsworth Dr? Frankly, Stuart Nesbitt really doesn't know.  That is, unless you answer a series of questions. Are you trying to find a 2-bedroom home in Alexandria, Virginia? Can you afford $559,000? Is it actually worth $605,000 or $495,000? Do you need 2 full baths and 0 half baths? How would you like Nesbitt Realty to rebate you $2,975 on this purchase? On the other hand, building equity in your place in the Alexandria area is a ready-made savings plan. Continue reading "2703 Farnsworth Dr, Alexandria VA 22303 For Sale"
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Identifying A Good Condo At Jefferson Manor?

Photo of 5833 Edgehill Dr If you don't know me, my name is Nesbitt Realty. I'm a local real estate professional and I work hard everyday in and around duplexes in Alexandria, Virginia. I like 5833 Edgehill Dr. This condominium in 22303 Virginia looks like a good value for several reasons. However, I'm not recommending you buy this property in particular. That's because, until I know your goals there is no way for me to know if this is the right home for you. Continue reading "Identifying A Good Condo At Jefferson Manor?"

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